Jerry Muzsik

Mineral Market

Mineral Market is a website built for a company dedicated to simplifying the market for cash flowing minerals.


Mineral Market

Selling, renting, and purchasing land to mine minerals. Yes, that can actually be done on the internet. Cherokee Debt Acquisition, hired Meep Labs to create a website just for this. And a short time after the internet now homes one of… 2? 3? websites in existence that offer such a service.

landing page

Home page

An attractive call to action.

Screenshot 2019-04-01 at 12.17.34 AM.png

user content

A carefully designed way for users to view the data associated with each mineral or leasehold on offer.


Admin portal

Lastly, we created a backend for the client to manage the data within the application.


  • Primary Frontend Developer - me
  • Project Management - Miguel Guerrero and me
  • Backend Development - Mainly Steven Wright and partly me
  • Initial Designs - Thomas Uribe