Jerry Muzsik

Meep Labs

Meep Labs is the website for the company I have worked at, Meep Labs, a software development company focused on creating custom applications for clients


Meep Labs

Well, the company I work for needed a new website to improve their branding. Basically, it was up to me to write almost all the code for this custom website.

mobile apps page
slider page

Concise frontend

Thoughtful, good-looking pages were created to showcase the work of the company.

sections page

ux functionality

There were a wide variety of times in which we had to implement custom logic to create unique UX on the website.


  • Primary Developer - me
  • Product Manager - Miguel Guerrero, Jeremy Taboul, me
  • Initial Designs - Thomas Uribe
  • Secondary Developers - Miguel Guerrero, Ko-Hsin Chu