Jerry Muzsik

InnerCor is a workout website made for Doug & Lindsay Corbett. Two instagram influencers.


InnerCor is a fitness website made for Doug & Lindsay Corbett. Doug, an Acute Myeloid Leukemia Survivor, for many years has wanted to create an online fitness presence, and finally decided to bring the dream into fruition. At its core, the website offers a new weekly workout for all subscribers.


Landing page

It all begins with a great landing page.

admin panel

Admin panel

An attractive and easy-to-use admin panel was created.

front end user page


Lastly, the user content. A section full of fitness videos organised by type of workout and date.



  • Primary developer - me
  • Secondary Developer - Miguel Guerrero
  • Project Management - me and Miguel Guerrero
  • Initial Designs - Thomas Uribe